Completion of Two new beneficiation Plants in SMHL

Sierra Mineral Holdings 1 Limited (SMHL) recently completed the erection and commissioning of two new beneficiation plants in its Gondama Plant site. Plant 1 is installed as an extension of the current main wash plant to capture material of commercial interest from its tailing stream usually being discharged from the main wash plant to Tailing storage facility. This is expected to improve overall commercial recovery of the current wash plant without compromising on the quality of washed bauxite products. Plant 2 is installed to process material from Gondama Tailing storage facilities and produce beneficiated bauxite of commercial interest. The plants are equipped with attrition scrubbing and desliming – state of Art German technologies and expected to produce premium quality washed bauxite devoid of deleterious material and impurities. This technological initiative of SMHL is in line with the worldwide approach of minimizing wastages through optimization of Run of mines bauxite and expected to reduce environmental foot prints of SMHL operations significantly. Both the plants are running on trial basis and through ramping up they are expected to reach its design capacity production within the next two months.

Plant 1 – Extension of Gondama Wash Plant
Plant 2 – Feeding of bauxite tailings from Gondama SMHL TSFs