Bauxite from Sierra Leone

Sierra Mineral Holdings 1 Limited,
52 Wellington St., Freetown Sierra Leone

Premium Washed Bauxite

This is a premium grade gibbsitic bauxite, suitable for low temperature alumina refineries. The run-of-mine bauxite is crushed and wet screened to produce the washed bauxite product of commercial interest.

Currently SMHL is producing 1.5 million tons of Washed bauxite per annum.

Chemical Content*

ParameterGuaranteed value Typical value
Total Al2O3 Min 49% 50%
Total SiO2 Max 4.0% 3.5%
Moisture content Max 12% 11%
Fe2O3 16-22% 17%
Lump size <100mm <100mm
*Above chemical content is indicative and not binding for the producer or potential supplier at the moment of offering. In the eventuality of trading a contract the producer or supplier reserves his right to review the chemical content that will actually inserted into a contract.