SMHL’s Annual Audit by EPA for EIA License Renewal

Annual audit exercise was conducted in Sierra Mineral Holdings 1 Limited (SMHL) on 23 and 24 April 2020 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) team consists of 7 delegates under the leadership of Executive Chairperson of EPA. This audit was carried out in line with the prescribed statutory requirements outlined in EPA Act 2008 and Environmental (Mine and Minerals) Regulations 2013 to assess level of compliance of Environmental, Social, Health, Safety and Community aspects stipulated in the relevant national regulations and evaluate the effectiveness of Environmental Management System in SMHL. All the operational areas of SMHL were audited and after a two-day successful audit, the Mine was recommended for a license renewal for another year, May 5th 2020 to 4th May 2021.

During the audit, EPA delegates visited different operational sites were visited along with SMHL team under the leadership of General Manager of SMHL and documents were reviewed included quarterly and annual reports. Besides onsite inspection, engagement was carried out by EPA with the Management of SMHL and physical observations were noted and interviews were conducted for different process owners. A number of Community projects were inspected and different Community members within catchment area were interviewed for direct feedback to measure compliance levels implemented by the Community development Department for the year 2019-2020.

The formal audit exercise was concluded in the closing meeting where EPA praised the significant improvement of the SMHL’s performance in terms of level of compliances and commitment and encouraged to continue the effort with force. SMHL’s EIA license was issued by EPA following successful completion and outcome of Audit and the same is attached.